📝 ❤️STORY TIME❤️ 📝 Casual sex is great but what happens when feelings start coming in the way? When 'booty calls' turn into 'I miss you' texts and you have eyes for them only? . . . You see in the beginning of the relationship we don’t understand what to do. Kuch kam nehi hain, toh Sex karliya! 😂 Kaam hain toh kaam chorke Sex karliya. 😌 Netflix ki koi bhi cheez shuru kiyi, khatam nehi hota, usse pehle hi chill 😌❤️ . . . Then we realize that there’s a life outside other than sex and with other people too, and we start to hangout with our partners friends and chill as a group instead. Netflix and chill turns into movies and dinner and Antakshari nights. 😌❤️Aisa karte karte kaab sala time nikal jayega tumko pata bhi nehi chalega 😌 . . . No aisa koi regret nehi hain. We had an amazing time! ❤️ Basically wo shuru sehi shadi ko leke bohat excited thi, ab wo chaye mere sath hain ya kisi aur ke sath! 😌 . . . So when I was going for the last time, Meenakshi stopped me and said “It’s not you, it’s me, I got someone with common goals, and I wish you’ll get too, and then hum log double date pein jayenge, tumhare favourite Belgium Waffles khane.” She added, “Byas promise karho touch mein rahoge!” . . . Ab this was a kind of question which had no answer, so I did what I always did in Highschool during Viva, I kept looking down. . . . After me doing that for 4-5 minutes, we kissed for the last time, phir akhri bar sex kiya. ( A little controversial but that was probably the best sex of my life) ❤️ . . . Kaide se I should’ve returned and I should’ve had tons of alcohol and cried my heart out that day, but rona nehi aya, koisish toh kiya magar hua nehi. Sad bhi nehi laga, mujhe laga kya hu mein? Itna insensitive? 😌 . . . Well eventually she got married and uske bad wo apne raste pein aur hum apne! Mera same wo boring routine, office se ghar, ghar se office, bich mein instagram open karho aur uska #hitched wala photos check karho! . . . But things have changed now, thanks to this friend of mine, jo mere account se kuch ladkiyo ko text karne laga, ab ye luck bolo ya destiny unme se kisine reply nehi diya 😂😂❤️


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